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The War On Porn Rebranded As
The War On Sex Trafficking

On October 8, 2014, declared the end to the War on Porn. The censors had lost and erotic media would live on. One sign that the war had been lost was the fact that annual contributions to the well-known anti-erotica group, Morality in Media, had dwindled from over $1 million dollars in 2001 to just over $20,000 in 2005. By 2006, the group terminated its lobbying registration entirely.

A few years later, Attorney General Eric Holder completely disbanded the Obscenity Task Force, which was formerly responsible for bringing federal obscenity prosecutions. The Unit's most recent misadventure, the case against John Stagliano, ended in disaster for the government, with all charges being dismissed by the court.

It seems the dawn has indeed come for the War on Porn. So is there cause for celebration? ... Click here for the full document.

CEO Measege
Lawrence Walters

Past-President and National Chairman of the First Amendment Lawyers Association, and founder of the Florida Bar's First Amendment Law Committee, Lawrence G. Walters also acts as General Counsel to the Woodhull Freedom Foundation, which advocates for the human right to sexual expression.

Lawrence G. Walters

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